Travel Clinic

We are committed to delivering you the best travel advice and ensure you are all set for a safe trip.

1. Make sure you have sorted out the travel insurance and other essential documents (Visa etc.) and finances.
2. If you are on regular prescriptions, please order well in advance, so that you are in control. Make sure you divide your medicines and pack in different luggage in case one bag is lost or left behind. If you are carrying controlled drugs like Tramadol/morphine etc. make sure you obtain a copy of prescriptions or a letter from the surgery.
3. Please check on the website Fit for Travel for vaccines requirements for the country/area you are travelling for vaccines and Malaria prophylaxis (prevention).


1. Please fill in the form below so that we know your vaccine status and can book an appointment for you in time.
2. We usually request a nurse appointment three weeks before travel.
3. There is a national shortage of Hepatitis  A vaccine that is only available at Southampton Travel clinic for a charge of £60.00
4. We cannot do Yellow fever vaccine as well. Again you can get it done at Southampton Travel clinic for a fee of £80.00
5. We can issue Malaria prophylaxis on a private prescription. We do not charge anything but NHS does not allow us to prescribe Malaria prophylaxis on a standard script.

If you fill the form below, we will arrange an appointment for you after assessing the information and your needs.

Warm regards

Brockhurst Medical Centre