Supportive letters

Dear Friends

I appreciate at time one may need the letter of support from their respective GP Surgeries. We are dedicated to providing this support.

At times it is difficult to ascertain the impact of the condition(s) on your life. I would appreciate if you could kindly fill in the form below, so that information provided in the letter is accurate.

I would like to mention

1. This work is outside the remit of NHS services, and hence we charge a small administration fee.

2. Our priority at Brockhurst Medical Centre is the provision of care. It can take up to 10 working days for the provision of this service.  Please discuss with the member of staff on 02392583564 if your request is urgent.


How we manage your personal information

1. No personal details are shared with any external agency.

2. We have security certificate for the site and daily reports on security checks – the site is clean of any malware.

We have done regular check to ensure the security of the data and the personal information.

Kind Regards

Dr Sumit Sharma