Mental Health Service

“Mental Health is as important as Physical Health”

There are various mental health support options available at Brockhurst Medical Centre and in our local community to support everyone’s needs.

1. Join the community and share and discuss your challenges in our exclusive Facebook group.
Friends and Families of  Brockhurst Medical Centre.
Conditions You have to be an employee or registered as a person at Brockhurst Medical Centre.
2. You can request to see a GP face to face via Reception.
3. You can self refer to italk by following the link
4.  Register on and book video consult the same day or the next day with Dr Sumit Sharma.
5. As a part of Mental health Programme, you can book a review with the Psychotherapist Miss Morgane Glaudot by clicking here.  BOOK THE SESSION
This is a Video Consultation (Zoom call).
Local Mental health crisis Helpline 02392 344562

Warm regards
Dr Sumit Sharma