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Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is a short questionnaire that allows patients and other service users to give their opinion on the quality of care they receive from NHS services. The test is for use in GP surgeries, hospitals and community clinics throughout the UK. You can complete the test whether or not you are a registered patient, so if you visit the surgery with, or on behalf of one of our patients you are welcome to fill out a test based on your experience of the service we provide. You can fill in a test when you see a GP, nurse, triage clinician or any of our admin staff. You can complete the questionnaire as many times as you like. The questionnaire is anonymous. We submit the number of responses we receive each month to NHS England who collate all the data from around the country and from all sections of the NHS. No comments are submitted this way but they are sometimes included here if we feel that it is appropriate. We take all comments seriously and welcome any advice you may have on how we can improve the services that we provide. Any positive comments are shared with the staff so that they are aware of the things that they do well so that this may continue.
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