Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Compliance (GPDR)

We at Brockhurst Medical Centre are committed to providing the best clinical services safely and making sure all your data is secure.

All staff have received appropriate training and have been made aware of the GPDR law and our responsibilities towards our patients/customers.

Your data is stored in the medical practice in the form of paper notes and on the computer. The computers are secured via NHS security measures. Our practice is secured overnight via an alarm.

Age confirmation and personal data for both adults and children are identified by the reception staff at the time of registration. Some data like address and mobile numbers are checked periodically to ensure proper communication.

We use your personal information for the provision of healthcare and service improvement. Periodically data is extracted by the local Clinical commissioning group and allied agencies, Public health and NHS England for service improvement, improvement of healthcare and statistical purposes.
Occasionally private companies working with NHS look at the patient data for the improvement of healthcare and service provision.

We do not store any personal data at the back end of the website. Our mental health support service involves only the personal challenge being shared with our psychotherapist. In our facebook groups, patients have the choice of opting out of the group and opt-in is by request to join the group. Group remains exclusively open to Brockhurst Medical Centre patients only.

You have access to your specific personal data via patient access that is your personal information, the summary of problems, medications and information on allergies.

It is the responsibility of the individual clinician to check for explicit consent when sharing data. In most circumstances, only relevant data is shared with consent.
In exceptional circumstances, we do share only relevant data without consent with other professionals agencies for example with Her Majesty courts & Tribunals service, police and social services. We take data sharing very seriously and make sure any disclosure is specific, relevant to the circumstance and only what is needed.

You can download the documents from the following links

Privacy Notice

Adult – Subject Access Request form

Subject Access Request form (age 12-16 yrs)


Mrs Kate Rosser is a responsible officer for Data protection at Brockhurst Medical Centre.

Any breach of data to any agency by accident is treated seriously. We write to the individual, care quality commission and the agency of the breach and take active steps to correct the mistake. We take a regular audit to ensure that we learn from those incidents and share learning with the staff and the individuals.

Brockhurst Medical Centre has an established and robust Privacy impact assessment in place, and any new services go through the rigorous process of data protection implementation.

If anyone has any question, please write to Mrs Kate Rosser or contact the reception.

Dr Sumit Sharma