Brockhurst Medical Centre Updates

Good Morning Friends
I hope each one of you is safe and preparing to reset to the new norm in these uncertain times. I am sure you must have realised we would continue to adapt.  “Everything must change so that everything can stay the same”
At Brockhurst, we only worked on ways that deliver good patient outcomes.
To deliver the same we adapted and changed care 3 months ago. Now we are adapting again as we realised needs are changing (Many people are struggling with pain management, uncontrolled diabetes and mental health pandemic).To expand the scope of the care along with emergency care we have made few changes.
From 15.06.2020
No Change in the way you seek help call
Clinical Query
Telephone: 02392583564
Admin/ Medication Query
All patients would be triaged via Telephone or video consultations. We have updated the privacy policy that can be found here
All face to face patients would be seen at Rowner Health Centre throughout the day after the initial triage.
Separate clinics have been established for the following Priorities
Mental health clinics
Extended Hours
Steroid Injection Clinics
For a few you can request an appointment, others it will be by invitation.
Warm regards
Dr Sumit Sharma

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