We have carefully crafted an appointment system that fulfils the health needs of our valued patients. Please discuss with our reception staff to address your needs.

Appointment types

Based on waiting times:

Non-urgent appointments are available for 2-4 weeks waiting time.
One-third of our appointments are available at 24/48 hour waiting times, but these are reserved for necessary follow-up.
Urgent same day appointments open at 08:00 am every day.

Based on the type of condition:

Health Care Assistant: Stop smoking/NHS health checks/B12 Injections/Blood pressure reviews/ Simple dressings/Follow up of certain blood test/Diabetic reviews/Urinary tract infection (Urine dipstick)

Nurse: Child immunization/cervical smears/travel vaccinations/dressings/ suture removal/ contraception

Nurse Practitioner: Nurse practitioner reviews most illnesses that are normally seen in General Practice. On a daily basis, she reviews infections of Ear, nose throat, chest and skin/musculoskeletal illnesses/abdominal pain/headache. This list is not exhaustive.

Doctor: We deal with everything, but our reception staff may advise you to call 999 if we feel it is urgent enough or condition warrants hospital review or admission.

Dr Sumit Sharma runs clinics for Musculoskeletal conditions and mental health. He does offer steroid injections depending on your situation.

All our appointment are standard 10 minutes, but you can request more time. All special requests are dependent upon availability.  Of course, we make every attempt to match your needs and request, but this may not always be possible for example appointment with a particular doctor and or a specific time.

If you cannot attend your appointment for any particular reason, please inform us so that we can offer the appointment to someone in need.

Brockhurst Medical Centre Team